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In the lower right hand corner of the portfolio area, there are 4 arrows, 2 over the word 'image' and 2 over 'project'. Clicking the forward arrow above 'image' will do one of two things: 1) advance you to the next image on a new page or, 2) advance you to the next image on the same page through the use of a javascript image pull or slideshow. Where this is used, you will eventually loop back around to the first image of that project. At this point, you may either look at the series again, or move to the next project by clicking the forward 'project' arrow. The major areas that do NOT use the slideshow format are the 'intutions', 'online greetings', and 'UK greetings' areas.

The reverse arrow will take you back to the previous image.

The arrows above the word 'project' will always take you to either the previous or next project.

    Online Greetings Link

In any of the three online greetings areas (everyday, seasonal, and special, in the 'programs' category), you can also view the original greeting online at the website. This will let you see (and sometimes hear) the greeting as it exists, or to just let you surprise someone with a card that caught your fancy. In order to access the website, simply click on either the greeting image (non-Flash) or the small grey rose below and to the left of the (Flash) greeting.

Please note that this will open up a separate browser window.

    Project Links
    For reference, a project by project listing is shown below. These are active links that will take you straight to the specific project or program:
programs american greetings : intuitions card program : online greetings : everyday : online greetings : seasonal : online greetings : special
  american greetings : the birthday company
  carlton UK : humour program
& logo : corporate identity : program logos : promo logos
  american greetings : program logos
  tcfc : toy and licensing logos
  aladdin industries : corporate identity & logo
  other logos
packaging   creatacard : software packaging
  tcfc : toy packaging
  american greetings : paper packaging
  other packaging
product design   aladdin industries : thermalware
interactive   web design
& more   harvard business school : conference invitation : miscellaneous : creative process
  other stuff
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