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This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4, Netscape 4 or better, or similar javascript-enabled browser. (But, please see the note below regarding Netscape 6)  These free browsers can be found at:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Page

Netscape Navigator Download Page

Also, you will need the Macromedia Flash Player to see many of the products and area graphics. If you don't have it, you may wish to consider getting it...there's some great stuff out there on the web that you might be missing out on. The Flash Player can be downloaded free of charge from:

Macromedia Download Page

    This site is a work in progress

And will always be a work in progress as long as there are ways to improve the user experience. As the web and technologies evolve, bugs rear their ugly heads and new opportunities arise, I'll be right in there learning along with the rest of you.

From time to time, some areas of the site may be inaccessible due to experimentation, modification or other issues. Thanks for your patience during these times.

    Got something you'd like to say?  Questions?

I am very interested in hearing anything you might have to say about jrtDesign.com, its contents or any issues you come across as you browse the site. Comments, complaints, questions and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. Just drop me a line at:


    Netscape 6 issues

At the moment, there are all kinds of problems with Netscape Navigator 6 (including up to version 6.01 at this time). One of the biggest issues on this site is that there is a cache algorithm problem with NN6 that causes some of the simplest of rollovers to literally disappear. This now infamous 'swap image bug' is evil incarnate and will hopefully be repaired soon by the good folks at AOL Time Warner/ Netscape.

Personally, I hope Netscape can get their act together...it is, after all, a very attractive browser.

    ...and for some of you AOL folks

America Online uses an image compression method in its default settings that causes many pictures to look, well, pretty bad. In many cases, it reduces image quality and may even introduce extraneous black lines into the art. This doesn't do the portfolio much justice and may keep you from seeing some detail in images which have been compressed once already.

To correct the default AOL setting, you will need to go to the AOL Internet Properties dialog box. To access this dialog box, click the 'My AOL' icon on the toolbar, choose Preferences from the dropdown menu, and then click the WWW icon in the window that appears next. From the dialog box, click the 'Web Graphics' tab. On this page, you should look to see if the box marked 'Use compressed graphics' is checked. If it is, you will need to uncheck it to have the AOL graphics compression removed.

Please note that you will also need to close out and restart AOL for this change to take effect.

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