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american : everyday is one of the most visited websites in the world...and definitely one of the most fun. With tens of thousands of online ways to express yourself and share with others, it features digital greetings for every occasion--and then some.

Working with some tremendous cross-functional creative, marketing and sales teams, we overcame a 43% marketshare deficit in less than one year to become the leading provider of greetings on the web.

The next series of pages show work I either created, developed or directed. The online greetings areas (everyday, seasonal, and special occasions) have links to the actual designs on the website. Once there, you can see (and send) the card if you like. Click on the card image (non-Flash) or the small grey rose (Flash) to access the site.

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All images, concepts and designs shown are for portfolio preview use only and are the property of their respective owners. Images and designs may not be repurposed, altered, borrowed, modified, used or reused for any purpose without permission of the owner or licensor. If you are interested in obtaining the rights to use something you see, drop me a line and I'll do my best to hook you up with the original source.

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